Black Metal Frame Doors

Classic mixed with contemporary

What are Black Metal Framed Doors?

Black metal framed windows and doors are characterised by panels of glass divided by metal frames to create a grid format. The frames are typically black but dark grey tones are also used.

This style of a grid format was first created in the mid 1800’s, however, it is most recognised from the art deco style of the 1920’s and 30’s. The minimal design of lines in a delicate frame is typical of this era and can often be seen in properties of this period. Steel framed glass was also often used in industrial warehouse properties as it was a cheaper option to allow in natural light. It was more cost effective to create large expanses of glass from smaller panes. 


Are Metal Framed Doors Energy Efficient?

Those that remember steel framed glass and doors will remember the chill and condensation build up of a cold winters evening. However modern metal framed windows are double or even triple glazed to comply with current building regulations. Keeping your home insulated and your energy bills down.


Will steel framed windows or doors suit my home?

Obviously this is down to personal preference, however black metal framed doors are a stunningly classic choice and very on trend.  They are becoming increasingly popular for for people looking to update or renovate their properties. This style of window and door is being installed into a wide range of properties, from Georgian or Victorian, to contemporary and industrial. Whether it’s a new extension to create open plan kitchen-dining living, or updating patio doors, this style certainly creates a talking point.


Room dividers and partitioning

There are increasing demands on our home to be multi functional, this means making rooms more versatile, either closing off or opening up a space to suit your needs. Steel framed glass is more and more frequently being used to create partition walls instead of a traditional wall as natural light can pass through creating a feeling of space. The metal grid created structure and stability and all the benefits of a wall without compromising on light.


What options are available?

The options are almost endless, simple and classic squares, to the more modern large rectangles fitted specifically for the space. Anthracite grey or black are the most popular choice by far, however we can offer a colour matching service although this may affect turnaround times. Contact our glazing team today to understand how we can help!



Supply & Fit

We offer a simple supply and fit solution. Measuring your new windows or doors and installing to existing openings.

Project Management

If you've decided to open up your space we also offer a project management service. We will manage the installation or steels and brickwork as part of the installation.


The shutters are immaculate and work perfectly. The team did the job very swiftly with no fuss and mess and the other builders we have used are even asking for their details.