Door Materials

Sleek Shutters & Glazing have selection of materials available to choose from all with various benefits. 

Composite Doors

Composite doors use a combination of materials, uPVC exterior with a wood, reinforced steel and foam internal frame. 

The final product is an extremely durable, low maintenance door, with high strength and insulation properties. Available in a wide selection of styles, colours and finishes making composite doors are our most chosen option. 



Durable and low maintenance - No need to repaint or seal, Composite doors are extremely hardy against the elements.

Secure - Composite doors have wood and reinforced steel contained within with multi point locking systems.

High End Finish - available in a wide range of colours and style options with matt and realistic wood grain finishes.

Thermally Efficient - Uses layers of insulating materials including foam inside the door cavity to keep the cold at bay.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are made using high quality aluminium with a powder coat finish.  Visually beautiful with a flawless sheer finish they are extremely popular with customers wanting a more contemporary finish. 

The natural properties of aluminium doors make them very secure, not prone to crack or split in the event of a forced entry attempt, they come with a multi point locking system as standard.

Aluminium doors tend to have a natural lifespan of around 10 years, as they are powder coated they are relatively low maintenance .



Strong - Aluminium doors are very strong yet lightweight, making them thinner than composite doors with the same strength.

Secure - Multi point locking systems lock a metal door into a metal frame which makes then very secure.

Beautiful Finish - A powder coat finish is applied to the aluminium creating a flawless sheer/matt finish.  Available in a wide range of colours.


Outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation - Layers of insulating materials insulate your home against the outside elements.

uPVC Doors

UPVC doors are our most cost effective option. They are the perfect balance between a great looking door at a cost to suit any budget.

UPVC provides a long-lasting product that isn't prone to warping or bowing in the elements. They are wipe clean so they can always look their best. We have a great selection of uPVC door colours, styles and finish options to choose from. 


Extremely low maintenance - Wipe clean with minimal upkeep. UPVC doors can look sparkling new with a good clean.

Multi-point locking system - UPVC doors provide peace of mind, the multipoint locking system ensures a secure door.

Many design options - Customisable from the colour, texture and the door furniture, in an array of styles.

Energy Efficient - Modern UPVC is a recognised for being a good insulator, helping to reduce heat loss

Wooden Doors

Traditional and elegant, wooden doors are the first choice for our customers with a period property. Unlike other materials scratched and dents can be easily repaired.

As a natural material wooden doors are very environmentally friendly. As wood is a natural product there is more required to maintain and ensure longevity. Painting and resealing in recommended every couple of years.



Strong - A solid timber door have more strength and be more thermally efficient that uPVC. 

Long lasting - Solid wooden doors can last as long as the house they are in when well maintained.  Many period doors still reside over 100 years later.

Adjustable - Wood can been sanded, sealed and repainted over the years according to your taste.

Quality finish - Wood provides a long lasting and quality finish.