Glazing & Glass Options

When deciding upon which glazing and glass type for your home or commercial premise there are a few things to consider. Sleek Shutters and Glazing offer a wide range for all your glazing needs. 

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Double Glazing

Popular & Cost Effective

Choosing to double glaze your home is an excellent investment for your property. There are several benefits to using double glazing.


Better Energy Bills. Proven to reduce heat loss, double glazing can reduce your energy costs.


Reduction in Noise. Double glazing provides excellent shielding from outside noise pollution. If you live near a busy road, or in a noisy neighbourhood double glazing helps to create a quieter home environment.


Security. Double glazing is far more secure than single glass glazing. Harder to break with lockable openings helping you feed safe and secure.


Safety. Safety is especially important when it comes to children and pets. Single glazed units are more easily breakable, double glazing provide peace of mind that they won’t come to any harm.


Reduced Condensation. When hot meets cool condensation is formed. Double glazing as the name suggests is two panes of glass sealed together to create a vacuum. This vacuum prevents window condensation within the home, keeping your home dry and damp free.


Increased Property value. Double glazing makes your home environment a more comfortable one, which is why it is preferred by potential buyers. For most houses it certainly creates better curb appeal. Did you know that we offer double glazing sash style windows for periods homes, speak to a member of the team to fifind out more!

Triple Glazing

Our Best Insulator

Triple glazing as the name suggests is three panels of glass sandwiched together and filled with a gas.


What are the benefits to triple glazed glass, and do I need it?

The key benefits over and above standard double glazing is improved energy efficiency.


Having the third pane of glass has reflective properties, bouncing heat back inside. The suns warmth passing through the glass into your home is trapped, meaning improved energy saving and thermal benefits.


We would recommend triple glazing units in areas that are hidden from direct sunlight or north facing, as these windows are usually more problematic for heat loss.


A member of the sleek glazing will be able to talk you through this in more detail and advise further on the pros and cons versus the cost of a triple glazed unit to help you make an informed decision.

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Obscure Glass

Privacy & Decorative

Offered in a huge array of patterns, styles, and cuts. Obscure glass can create a privacy for bathrooms, offices, doors, and add features to a home. From smoked to etched, bevelled or stained there is a huge range.  Sleek Glazing can discuss the various ranges we provide.

Solar Glass

High Tech Heat Protection

Solar glass is oxide coated, allowing the sunlight to pass through but reflects the heat.  This helps maintain a cooler internal room temperature without compromising on the natural light into the room.


Particularly popular in office spaces and commercial properties where natural light creates a healthier work environment. Or rooms with a lot of glass that have the sun on them throughout the day.


What are the advantages to solar glass?

Heat reduction – Solar glass reflects the suns heat creating a more comfortable environment, reducing reliance on air conditioning.

Light isn’t compromised – natural light filters into the room well.

Customisable - Can be mirrored with patterns and tints to your preference.

Eco friendly – The improved heat control means less reliance on air conditioning and fans.

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