Enhance the design features

of your home.

Shutter functionality is not compromised, any window shape can be catered to

Perfectly fitted to

the window

frame or window recess

There are range materials and colour options to choose from

Enhances the design and highlights the architecture of the room

Blackout options are not available with all of our shaped shutters

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Undoubtedly shaped shutters are the perfect solution for any shaped window they offer full light control to awkward window designs, making a feature of the room rather than a frustration.  

Shaped shutters enhance a rooms’ natural architecture rather than hiding it behind blinds or curtains, they also offer some of the best variable light control compared with other window coverings.  

We can create shutters for any angle and curve in the window as ours are custom made to fit perfectly into the space. The more peculiar the better - We like a challenge!

There are a range of louvre options and finishes tp choose from, speak to a member of our team to find the best solution for your room.  


How do I know shaped shutters will fit my window?

We haven’t come across a window that we cannot fit a shutter too yet. Please send us a picture of your window with your concerns and a member of the team will be able to advise you further. 


How do they shaped shutters open into the room? 

There is always the option for shutters to open into the room to access the window for cleaning etc. regardless of shape and size.


One point to note is that the hinge may not be able to be placed in the conventional place. Portholes for instance would be placed at the top.