Shutter Materials

We offer a range of materials and finishes depending on your needs. Some materials are more suited to certain room conditions where moisture or heat are present.  Your consultant will be able to walk you through the options to ensure longevity and a long lasting product.


Hardwood Shutters

Natural & Classic

We only use hardwood across our shutter range as standard. Our main range of shutters are created using Paulownia wood, a lightweight hardwood. We use sustainable FSC Certified Paulownia and Basswood so you can rest assured your shutters are ethically sourced.


Basswood is available as part of our premium range, this particular wood comes from a more dense, slower growing tree.  The benefit of using this material is its strength, it allows a reduced width of the side frame.

uPVC Shutters

Waterproof & Steam Proof

Waterproof shutters, also known as uPVC shutters, are a plastic based shutter designed specifically for rooms with high moisture or heat levels. We recommend uPVC for rooms like bathrooms, utility room,

en-suites, and kitchens.


Traditional shutters made from wood may warp and distort overtime when exposed to these types of conditions, leaving the look and functionality compromised.


100% waterproof uPVC shutters are a hardwearing option made to look like hardwood, there are a range of colour options available. All shapes and styles are available with this material.


The recommended hinges are stainless steel which come as standard. However, this can be changed or  colour match where required.

White shutters in bathroom window..jpg
Triple outdoor white windows aluminium l

Aluminium Shutters

Stylish & Secure

Aluminium shutters provide increased home security without compromising on the finish of your décor. Aluminium shutters look like standard wooden or waterproof shutters but come with a lock and key, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure.


Traditional window coverings such as bars, metal roller shutters and grills can look hostile and unappealing. They can block the light and are either permanently fixed or folded away meaning they are no longer secure. Aluminium shutters are the perfect compromise, they have the same look and feel of a normal shutter with full light control and versatility.


Benefits of Aluminium Shutters;

Added peace of mind – Aluminium shutters provide excellent security; the metal frame is screwed into place and each metal shutter comes with a lock and key.


Discreet Security - The most secure form of window covering without compromising on light or look and feel, the shutters blend with other wooden and uPVC shutters around the home.


Strong and durable – As strong as steel aluminium shutters are made to last, corrosion resistant and extremely durable.


Suitable for any property – An elegant option for home security.


Aluminium shutters are suitable for most window recesses and are available in most styles.