Track Wooden Shutters

Change your space

Shade and light control through bi-fold and patio doors 

Folds back fully to allow access and open up a space 

Creates partition giving multiple uses to a room

Available in all materials and louvre styles 

Black out options not available with tracked shutters

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Plantation shutters can be installed on a track system, meaning shutters can be installed anywhere a long line of them is required. This makes them perfect for patio doors, bi-fold, walk-in wardrobes or as room dividers.  Full-length panels can be folded back fully allowing access in and out of a space. 


Large areas of glass make it difficult the control the temperature of a room. Shutters have natural thermal qualities so are the perfect solution to insulate, trapping the heat out or keeping it heat in a room. They also add privacy to otherwise very open spaces.


How do I know if track shutters can be added to my space?  

The amount of panels width and size can be adjusted to suit the needs of your space. Domed for sloped ceilings are unsuitable. 


How do Track shutters work?

Track shutters hang from a ceiling track and a bottom track keeps the panels in line. Simply pull them open or push then closed.