Our Shutters

The plantation shutter style suits every home, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to any room they will often increase the value of your property far and above the cost to you. Bespoke to each window and door they are designed to fit any recess or window. There are a number additional benefits listed below.

Why Choose Shutters?

Full Light Control

Shutters allow for full light control. Lourve adjustment can lighten and darken a room as required and shutter panels can be pulled back fully from the window. 


Privacy is one of the main reasons our customers select shutters for their home.  They have brilliant qualities of privacy whilst allowing light into a room.

Eco Friendly

Plantation shutters create an extra barrier between the glass. They allow the prevention of heat loss by up to 30% and reducing energy bills, benefiting your purse.

Heat Control

Shutters sit tight against a window frame or window recess. Helping to insulate a room against the heat of a summer day or keeping the cold out in the winter.

Noise Barrier

When the louvres are closed they have a reflective quality helping to bounce sound away from the room reducing noise from outside.

Allergy Friendly

Shutters are far easier to clean than blinds or curtains, they are less likely to gather dust making them great for allergy or asthma suffers.

Black Out

If sleeping in is your thing we can provide blackout options for our shutters. Blackout blinds pull down behind the shutter providing almost total darkness.

Awkward Shapes

Shutters are able to cater for those windows where curtains, blinds and drapes cannot, measured to size they enhance a feature. 


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