The perfect bay window dressing.

Emphasises the design feature of a room 

Temperature control and thermal benefits 

Noise reduction and privacy benefits

Available in all materials and louvre styles 

Black out options available

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Bay window shutters are especially popular given the more complex bay window shape and the additional privacy they provide. Plantation shutters allow the space to remain uncluttered by drapes, curtains or blinds and compliment the window design and architecture of a property. 

Properties with bay window reside are common in towns and cities which are often close to the pavement and roads. Shutters allow privacy in this space whilst allowing light into the room.  


Our shutters are made from quality sustainable hardwood, they offer sound proofing qualities helping to reduce the noise pollution as well as thermal qualities. 

Plantation shutters on bay windows help to retain the heat of a room that is easily lost through the large panes of glass, or keep a space cool in the hot summer months. Lourves can be adjusted to block direct sunlight but allow air circulation.


What style of plantation shutters can be fitted to my bay windows? 

Any style of shutter can be fitted to bay window. Tier on Tier shutters, café style shutters, full-height shutters and solid panel shutters are possibilities.


How does a bay window shutter  open into the room? 

This is largely dependant on the style you opt for and the amount of panels present on each window. For instance one window could have 4 vertical panels meaning they fold in on themselves. Your sleek shutters consultant will be able to walk you thorough each variation and the options available to you.