Blackout Shutters

Early night or a lovely long lay in. Have your best nights sleep submersed in darkness with blackout shutters. Blocking up to 98% of light blackout shutters are the first choice for bedrooms and nurseries.


Blackout Shutters are every shift worker or light sleepers ideal. They are fantastic for bedrooms, nurseries, home cinemas, or any room you want to achieve almost total darkness. Blackout shutters are the most effective window dressing with up to 98% of light excluded.


Blackout shutters have an additional screen which sits behind the shutter.  A concertina blackout blind sits in a recessed channel on the back of the shutters within the frame.

The blackout screen is operated independently of the shutters sliding down fully or discreetly tucked within the frame to allow light in.


We are able to provide blackout for most of our shutter range. Shaped shutters and café style are not possible. If you'd like to understand more about blackout shutters for your home speak to a member of our team to find out more.