Café  Style Shutters

Allows maximum light into a room without compromising on privacy.

Cheaper as less product is required for each window 

Maximises the amount of light coming into the


Popular in ground floor, street facing rooms and


Blackout option not available. 

All materials and louvre styles possible

Excellent for commercial properties and


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Café style shutters allow maximum light into a room whilst also creating privacy. Half height plantation shutters create a screen at half level shielding you from passing pedestrians and traffic. Café style shutters cover the bottom section of the window leaving the upper part exposed. The shutter panel sits within a U shape frame at the bottom of the window pane against the sill. 


Visually beautiful both inside and outside, Café style shutters are particularly popular in built up areas and downstairs bay windows or bathroom windows.  We find they are less popular in bedrooms as most people prefer a darkened room for sleep.

They are suited to every style of property, but especially popular in Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and cottage style properties with sash windows.  


Can I add a top section at a later date?  

Our consultant would recommend selecting the tier on tier or full height shutter style if this is something you might want at a later stage. 

It is possible to add the section at a later stage, however the frame would need to be replaced to allow a tops section to be supported. Also from a cost perspective it would be a much more expensive as there would be removal and fitting costs and frame would need to be replaced.  


Will café Style Shutters provide enough privacy? 

There are a few factors that you want to consider as the shutters only cover half the window. The largest being how tall the surrounding buildings are, as a rule of thumb any windows that your can see can see you!  Café style shutters are most effective to provide privacy at street level. If privacy is the main reason for having shutters another style may be more suitable. Your consultant will be able to advise you on this.