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The most popular shutter style across our range

Our most popular plantation shutter style, no window to small

Perfectly fitted to the

window frame

or window recess

Full range of materials and finishes to choose from

The supporting frame is thinner and more lightweight

Blackout options are available with all of our full height shutters

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Full height shutters are suitable for most windows and are our most chosen style of shutters. Full length panels fill the window recess fully, allowing total privacy and light control. They have the option of bi fold or have single panels that can be pulled back fully from the window.


Full height shutters are well suited to most styles of property creating a clean luxurious finish to the room. For larger windows and further lighting control options there is an additional option to include a cross rail in the centre or to mirror the panes of glass on the window.


There is also the option to have additional slat control to move the upper slats of the panel independently of the bottom without a visible cross rail. A member or our team will be able to walk you through the range of options and styles to advise you further.


Why Choose Full Height Shutters?

Full height shutters are our most popular for a reason, they suit all styles of property and are often used throughout a house..  


They have a light frame that provides a sleek finish and can be used for bi-fold doors or partition walls on a track system.  


What type of windows suit full height shutters most?

Full height shutters are compatible with most windows regardless of size. 

For windows less than 100cm x 100cm full height shutters are actually recommended as the most suitable shutter style. 

For average or medium sized windows a single panel provides an excellent finish, within this there is the option to include additional cross rail to allow louvres to open separately within the panel.  

When a window is large we advise a cross rail is added mid way to prevent distortion of the frame and ensure you have a long lasting product.