Our most versatile shutter.

Top and bottom panels open away from the window independently. 

Allows the maximum light into a room whilst maintaining privacy.

Tier-on-tier shutters are preferred in ground floor rooms and bay windows

Full height shutters are available in all materials and louvre styles 

Available with blackout blind option, a panel pulls down behind the shutter

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Tier on tier style plantation shutters are our most versatile plantation shutter style. They allow total light control into a room with full room privacy. Each panel is split into two sections which allows them to open independently from each other, much like stable doors.  


The bottom section can be closed for daily privacy with the upper sections open to let in the light.  Top and bottom tiers can be opened back fully from the window to let in the winter sun or in the summer to allow airflow into the room providing the best solution throughout the seasons.  This style is especially popular in towns and urban areas, no other window dressing can provide the versatility of a tier on tier shutter. 


Why choose Tier on Tier instead of full height shutters?

Tier on tier shutters allow the top or bottom sections to be fully independently where full height only allows the louvres slats to be opened independently.  They will have a slightly heavier frame than full height so this is down to personal preference of the overall look versus functionality. Your Sleek Shutters and Glazing consultant will be able to talk you through the various options for each window. 


What type of windows are tier on tier suitable?   

Tier on tier shutters are suitable for any window, however if the window is particularly small there is little point in creating the split panel. Also the heavier frame is required which could make the window appear even smaller, for this reason customers might want to consider full height shutter style.